The importance of detox for the body

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The importance of detox for the body

Food intolerance, headaches, dull skin and other symptoms can be linked to toxins in our organism.

Unfortunately, our diet is heavily influenced by substances that are not naturally recognized by our body.

What are the factors that determines this?

a) The food production process (usage of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides)

b) Breeding with industrial techniques, use of antibiotics, medicines and steroids.

c) Logistics and origin of goods. Most of the food comes from very far away, immature fruit and vegetables arrive after long journeys, even treated with preservatives, and with artificial and unnatural ripening techniques.

What are other symptoms of excess toxins in the body?

• Swelling or water retention often

• You have a strong craving for sugar

• Dark circles and bags under the eyes constantly

• Acne, spots, cold sores

• Constantly nausea after eating 

• Noticing bad body odor

• Joint pain, or any other pain, infection, or inflammations often

How the chlorella can detoxify your body

Chlorella is a powerful detoxifier. This tiny, yet powerful micro alghae, when ingested removes heavy metals, excess hormones and other toxins that build up in the body to "clean" your path to well-being.

Chlorella ETRUSCA is one of the purest in the market.

At ETRUSCOPHARM, our chlorella is cultivated under regulated conditions and strictly indoors, to maintain its purity, effectiveness and to help restore your body to a state of balance.

What more can you do to detoxify the body and prevent excess of toxins

• A balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fiber, avoiding industrialized foods

• Drink enough water

• Do physical exercises

• Avoid eating too much sugar

• Drink herbal teas with purifying properties: Canella, Ginger, Mallow


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